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Step 3: Light User Discovery

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Perform “light” user discovery via at least one user survey and include findings in design objectives.

Researching the problem space, framing the problem(s) to be solved, and gathering evidence ensures that assumptions are validated and that the proper things are focused on.


  1. Complete research plan using the Research Plan template. This will help identify and create:
    1. Research goals
    2. Top research questions
    3. Quick start methodology
    4. Participants
    5. Incentives
    6. Schedule
    7. Link to finalized survey
  2. Build survey in Google Forms using the provided templates as a starting point
  3. Build an email list of participants
  4. Send survey. Use email template if needed
  5. Analyze survey results (job aid)
  6. Add top issues to product requirements

Job Aids

  1. Survey Research Plan
  2. Script templates in Google forms (google forms)
  3. Data analysis template (I like, I wish, What if.”)
  4. Recruitment email template