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Large Project

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Large products/projects/services are:

  • Has 5,000+ users
  • ​Deals with moderate or high risk data
  • All criticality Level 1 services
  • All healthcare services
  • Any service release that could create a work stoppage
  • Releases or changes that require an install on a device

Step 1: Identify Top User Tasks

Identify the primary user task flow or funnel, establish at least one related user success metric, and prioritize the design to improve that metric.

Step 2: Get User Feedback

Gather and review current user feedback from available sources (e.g., support staff comments and statistics, ServiceNow incident/request data, application traffic, etc.) to uncover existing UX issues. Prioritize issues and include in your product objectives. 

Step 6: Follow usability best practices

Review against common usability best practices to understand areas of needed improvement and to prioritize top issues into product requirements.

Step 7: Create a Plan to Measure Success, Gather User Feedback, and Iterate

Ensure subsequent and ongoing user reviews, audits, and/or feedback collection is defined in any related operations and continuous improvement plan.