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Step 2: Get User Feedback

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Gather and review current user feedback from available sources (e.g., support staff comments and statistics, ServiceNow incident/request data, application traffic, etc.) to uncover existing UX issues. Prioritize issues and include in your product objectives.

Feedback is foundational to understanding and optimizing user experience.


  1. Apply the ”I like, I wish, What if” methodology to collect feedback on the prioritized task(s) identified in step one. Use one of these templates to help you collect responses:

    Note: The “I like, I wish, What if” methodology can be executed in a user or stakeholder interview or discussion, in a workshop, and as a survey. It can also help sort through and theme feedback from additional sources like support tickets or user comments. Use the most appropriate template for how you choose to proceed.
    1. Mural
    2. Google Doc
    3. Google Form
  2. Group the feedback by likeness in each category. e.g. likes, wishes, what ifs”
  3. Prioritize the feedback. What feedback should be addressed?
  4. What order should the feedback be addressed?
  5. Add the items to address to the project requirements

Job Aids (choose one of the following):

  1. Mural for data collection (all tasks in the procedure can be done in Mural)
  2. I like, I wish, what if, work
  3. I like I wish what if survey template (google forms)