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Step 3: User Discovery Research & Design

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Perform user discovery and calculated experience design in partnership with a UX professional(s) e.g., an internal University team such as SWS, vendor, etc.

Partnering with those versed in user experience leads to more enjoyable, usable, and accessible services and products.


Important note: Consultation should happen pre-budget ask to maximize impact.

A request for the proposal (RFP) is a business document that announces a project, describes it, and solicits bids from qualified contractors to complete the project. This step recommends completing an RFP if you utilize a non-Stanford vendor.

If you plan to work with Stanford Web Services (SWS) instead of outsourcing a vendor, contact SWS here.

  • We highly recommend completing Steps One and Two to help with the development of the RFP. The overall research and design engagement should include all of the steps of the service release process (SRP) UX minimum requirements for Large.
  • If you need a request proposal template, use one of the following:
  • Attend UIT UX Office Hours for guidance or clarifications.

Job Aids

  1. Job aid: Request for proposal template
    1. RFP Template for Smaller Projects
      1. Accessibility info may not be right, we may want to make a statement about accessibility then link off to SODA
      2. This can probably be used for approved vendors and smaller projects
    2. Maybe we talk to procurement about the best approach
      1. This is procurement’s RFP template
      2. This is probably appropriate for large projects or where the vendor is not an approved SU vendor.