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Step 3: Use Identity, Branding, and Style Guidelines

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Review against approved Stanford branding, identity, and style guidelines to ensure compliance.

The identity guide was informed by many conversations, research, and workshops across campus. It’s intended to inspire and align efforts and aid in the creation of strong, cohesive material across mediums.


  1. Prior to beginning development, clarify brand needs for the application/website/service or product being built (e.g., Stanford branded, minimally branded, co-branded, unbranded) Visit Stanford Sites to learn more.
  2. Consult for implementation requirements for your product
  3. If looking for specific patterns or code examples, consult for design style, pattern, and code snippets. For any questions about the Decanter or access for Figma, contact the Decanter Slack Channel #decanter
  4. Note issues that arise and prioritize in your documentation. 

Job Aids

  1. Stanford Identity Guide
  2. Decanter Style Guide and Pattern Library
  3. Stanford Sites User Guide