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Step 5: Create a Plan to Measure Success, Gather User Feedback, and Iterate

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Ensure subsequent and ongoing user reviews, audits, and/or feedback collection is defined in any related operations and continuous improvement plan.

The user experience of a product/service can erode as new features/functionality are added or the focus area of product friction can change as UX improvements are made in other parts of the product. Additionally, UX debt (see below article) can become overbearing over time.


  1. Based on previous steps, decide which user actions will measure usability in the future. 
  2. Schedule a time to review metrics and feedback, or survey your users after launch.

    Note: Six to twelve months is a reasonable interval for minor changes. If the changes are more substantial, getting feedback within one to three months is more suitable.

  3. At the scheduled interval, follow these: Step 2: Get User Feedback, Step 3: Use Identity, Branding, and Style Guidelines, and Step 4: Follow Usability Best Practices to identify and implement improvements.
    1. This should be done annually as a part of normal product/service operations.
  4. Document your work and future measurement plans in this template. Submit through the SRP workflow.

Job Aids

  1. SRP Final UX Plan Template