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David Tom

Manager, UX & Design Operations

David manages the design team for Stanford Web Services and is a leader in the design community across the university. As Manager, UX & Design Operations, his work focuses on design operations to support the humans, tools, and collaborative practices. David and team work intentionally to deliver useful, safe, humane, and scalable design for human centered web sites, web ecosystems, web applications, mobile, and client applications.

David has worked in the web industry for over 25 years. He has spent the last eighteen in design roles at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Yahoo!, Inc. and at Stanford Web Services since 2016.


  • Device enrollment client application
  • Student technology support user experience
  • Minimum UX requirements for Service Release process

Design Activities

  • Design management
  • Discovery
  • Design strategy
  • User research
  • Product design
  • Interaction design
  • Design operations

Design Principles


Outer Space, a dark gray color block
David's favorite crayon

Outer Space

HEX #414A4C

RGB 65,74,76