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Senior UX Researcher

David Salazar

UX Researcher

David is a UX Researcher for Stanford Web Services. His work is to learn about behaviors, needs, and motivations to make products, services, and websites more intuitive and enjoyable. He’s been at Stanford since 2013 in various UX roles, including Usability & Web production for the medical library and as Lead UX designer at the GSB.

David has experience in multiple roles/industries, including IT, medical records, web design, and development. Because of his role in training medical professionals and implementing complex EHR systems, he discovered that products and websites could be improved, built, and ideally tailored to the people that use them. 

David enjoys learning about various departments and what they do across the university, which he says is the most fascinating part of his job.  While primarily focusing on qualitative research (learning what, how, and why), I often employ quantitative methods (how many, how much, or how often) depending on our client’s needs.

David's favorite crayon color is "Blue Violet".


  • Alumni Association website and applications
  • Student Technology
  • Stanford Device Registration redesign

Design Activities

  • Discovery
  • UX strategy
  • UX architecture
  • User research
    • Moderated and Unmoderated usability testing
    • IA Research: Card Sort / Tree Testing
    • Interviews / Contextual Inquiries / Field Studies
    • Survey design
    • Workshops
  • Some visual design
  • Technical design

Design Principles

Blue violet color block
David's favorite crayon

Blue Violet

HEX #7366BD

RGB 115,102,189