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Accessibility Specialist

Caryl Westerberg

Accessibility Specialist

Caryl is an accessibility specialist on Stanford’s Web Services team. Her practice supports user experience, design, and development to make Stanford’s websites and apps accessible for all users. 

With degrees in computer science and certifications in accessibility, Caryl’s goal is to make computing and digital environments supportive for humans.  Coming from a background of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build decision support systems at  Ford Aerospace and Oregon State University in 2005, Caryl transitioned to supporting humans through building websites. In 2012, Caryl joined Stanford Web Services and has since contributed code, design, and accessibility strategy to hundreds of websites across Stanford’s community.


  • Drupal Core
  • School of Engineering
  • Decanter

Design Activities

  • Support for accessibility in 
    • Design systems
    • Visual design
    • Technical design

Design Principles

  • Design Humanely - Caryl keeps a reminder on her desk to “Think about how my actions will be received.” As creators of a form, an app, or a web site we need to be mindful of how others will receive and interact with what we create.
  • Design Inclusively - The people we’re trying to reach may not see and understand what we as creators see and understand. By seeking out and addressing these differences our designs work better for everybody.
Cotton Candy, light pink color block
Caryl's favorite crayon

Cotton Candy


RGB 255,188,217