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UX Designer

Alexandra Krogman

UX Designer

As the newest member of our team, Alexandra, aka Ali, is learning the ins and outs of her role. After earning her Master in Library and Information Science, Ali worked as an academic librarian and conducted extensive user research to improve web-based tools and services. Ali also has a passion for graphic design, a skill she is excited to develop further in her work with Stanford Web Services.

Design Activities

  • Discovery
  • UX architecture
  • User research
  • Moderated and Unmoderated Usability Testing
  • Visual design

Design Principles

Ali cannot handle waste, be it wasted time or energy, physical or digital clutter, or unused real estate in a potato chip bag. It's safe to say her favorite design principle is Design for Sustainability.

Dandelion, a darker yellow color block
Ali's favorite crayon, may it rest in piece



RGB 253,219,109